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Dr. Thomas Shull

Dr. Thomas Shull has served for over 33-years as a certified law enforcement officer. Through his long career, he has gained real world, practical experience through a wide spectrum of assignments.

He has earned an MBA specializing in Homeland Security, and a Doctorate in Business Administration. He is also a graduate of the prestigious FBI National Academy (Session 227), and earned the Certified Jail Manager (CJM) designation from the American Jail Association. Dr. Shull has also published journal articles and serves as an academy instructor for the Michigan Sheriff’s Coordinating and Training Counsel.

This combination of broad practical experiences combined with advanced critical thinking and a keen eye for details provides a broad perspective on operational issues.

The combination of a practical skill set and theoretical knowledge base, including over ten years as a jail administrator, makes Dr. Shull uniquely qualified to conduct case reviews and provide expert witness services.

Dr. Shull can be reached by phone at (269) 217-4569 or by e-mail at Thomas.a.shull@gmail.com

Our Approach

The jail is a critical component of the local criminal justice system. The jail serves a vital public safety function by providing a place where individuals taken into custody can be safely taken to protect the public. Operating a jail is about safety, security, and preparedness. Safety and security come about through having comprehensive, legally defensible policies and procedures, proper training, supervision, and by being prepared. Risk management is about anticipating problems. If an event is predictable, it’s preventable.

We conduct policy, operational, and risk assessments to discover potential liabilities before they become a major problem. We work with you to develop realistic solutions to shortcomings. We also conduct case reviews and provide expert witness services.

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