Expert Witness Policy and Procedure Development

An agency must have comprehensive, legally defensible policies and procedures to give guidance and directions to staff. We will work with you to develop realistic, effective policies and procedures that meet standards, and that work with your staff and facility.

Risk Management, Assessment and Training

We will work with you to assess your jail operation and identify risks and potential liabilities. We will then work with you to develop a plan to mitigate the potential liabilities, and identified training needs.

Expert Witness and Case Review

The goal is to run a safe, efficient, legally compliant jail, but sometimes an incident happens raising questions if a constitutional violation has occurred. We offer unbiased, comprehensive case analysis services for both plaintiffs and defendants, providing expert witness reports and testimony, if necessary, as to the findings.

Professional Services

The combination of being a seasoned law enforcement practitioner, administrator, instructor, and evaluator, blended with the advanced critical thinking and clear communication resulting from higher education, results in a unique broad perspective that is rarely found in the industry.

Are operations in your jail aligned with what you THINK is happening? How do you know for sure?

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